Hi, hello , to all my viewers ,
I have  conceptualized some  of the indian military equipment in to the hybrid military equipment , comprised  of the indigenious contents that are available  with  us and are under development.
Firstly let me say about the lost striker the HF 24 the supersonic aircraft of the indian air force that came along with the migs but were decommissioned due to the unavailable ot the suitable engines for them.   They were underpowered and were used as the strike aircraft against the Pakistan.
Many maruths were seen returning with a single engine due to anti aircraft fire from the Pakistan.
Maruths  has a single air  to air kill record in its all time history .    these aircrafts can be fitted with the kaveri engines that are producing an 45kn of dry thrust,  which can be extended to the 75kn with the after burners.   Two of these engines powering the maruth gives it a supersonic speed and the avionics suit used in tejas will better suits the maruth.   It can even beat the tejas if redesigned to act as an fourth generation aircraft and it can also provide a second line of air defence after the sukhoi’s.
     Carbon composite body structure gives it a little stealth features, life,increased pay load.  A maruth with just dry trust can act as a deep strike aircraft at low speeds.  This enables a production line for the kaveri which may enhance its further developments and ensures a fully home grown aircraft capable of competing with the Pakistan and Chinese obselote reverse engineered aircraft.
      India also joins the elite club of nations that can build the entire aircraft in their nation itself without foreign assistance.  Only usa france,Russia, and European consortium has that credibility to do that work today. 
       The second one is the mating pinaka missile system with the Arjun chasis , which enables it to  maneover in the highly risky desert terrain and the amphibhious capabilities in the Andaman and runn of kutch  regions countering the enemy formations.   Along with it the no of missile carried by a single launcher should be doubled.   The conceptual desing of this is in progress and I will give it to you  very soon. 
      The third one is a little bigger one of naval system.  It is a fast attack boat that also acts like a micro frigate.  It consists of a little air defence , a little strike capability , a little  sub surface warfare system.   To say franky it ilncorporates the proven technologies such as a akash missile system with two units, two Arjun mark II turrets, a pinaka mbrl , an iron dome, a AK 630 CIWS  for emergency purposes , to save itself from a incoming .  it also takes a single heavy weight torpedo and an set of four light weight torpedoes since it operates just close to the coastal areas.
     It sounds crazy thinking so many on a single boat that too with a high speed capability, but when given it a one time attack without a reloading option it is easy.  These boats never sail alone and always move in the schools as I call this as a mathsya ( literaly in English to say I call it a fish and that’s why the name schools for a group of mathsyas).
      They can prove better against a amphibhious  assault on our coastal regions.  It is  needed one in the Andaman and the Lakshadwee  p , these can also be used as a lethal weapon against the pakistan
in the northeren Arabian see from the Gujarat coastal areas.  These will make enemy spend the cost like pouring the water and makes it a sitting dumb in the waters consuming its lethal weapons against a not so important targets, leaving it as a less defencive for the precise attacks by the larger vessels of frigate and the destroyer class and the anti ship missiles.