One Best book is equal to hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library, what a best quote given by Dr. APG Abdul kalam. Books are best  the companion, all we learn is by the words which inspire and the assumption we make,  and we build our self.  But a friend walks throughout the life, when whole world is against you yet a friend is behind you. All around a path of life we meet so many people why is few takes such a great place , how is that a wonderful chain creates? I don’t know how it starts but it never breaks, if it’s really a friendship of souls. A best friend, close friend, soul friend so much of labels we keep for one beautiful relation of friendship.
We all have wondered our self at least for once, what could I do without these crazy people . It may be school , college , hangouts, crime partner, night stay, never ending talks, those silly fights, gossips, those supporting hands when whole world  seems down, list goes never ends. Friendship teaches a best part respecting each other different opinion , sharing , every relationship says you need to adjust with each other, but here we be just our self, each other accepts as we are, that’s the reason it takes such a top priority in relationships.
If you ask any person , which is the most best days you spent every person says its with his friends. Those memories are not erasable, it makes to live us once again. The best part in every friend circle experience is that , the two friend actually talk each other and people see it as fight is going onJJJJJ. Only memories that refreshes is time spent with best buddies.
We never thank those crazy people who accept us as we are who lays so much of memories, pulls up when we are down, accepts our mistakes but never leaves. Lets take a moment to thank all those beautiful souls who make life more beautiful.
                                                                                                                        Vani murthy