We Everytime ,wonder of one thing,that we are right in not too less ways. We try to equate the very earth and the skies to prove our correctness , invent invalid theorems to show that we are not wrong if we perceive the act in this way. But, do you think a human being never errs ? Isn't it his very nature to default ? Then why is this inner guilt that we are wrong ? "We are deluded to our Dharma" we say if we commit a sinful act in the way of discharging our duties. But, take one thing for sure , you or I am not the omniscient. If at all you believe you follow the footsteps of dharma by destroying someone's pavement and build a palace of gaiety for someone whom you have owed your faith , you are in no ways the follower of dharma. Dharma is not an easily-decipherable word , it has a really broad meaning to comprehend , which will unify the alleviation of even the lowest of good-doers,dirtiest of men,foulest of hearts ! The prime point of Dharma is to make your karmabhumi(your living world) a bright,happy,abundant place. And what you need to do to realize this  utopian intent is just to create your own testimony of Dharma ,to reform your blemish-filled perspective towards what you believe is Dharma.

Then ,

How to reform your way of Dharma.
This,indeed is the most confusing part of the journey towards holiness. Yes,the most confusing. If I can give a biased definition of the difference between Dharma and Adharma , I would have found myself enunciating that what takes you nearer to your God is Dharma and what distinguishes you from God is definitely Adharma. On the basis of this parameter you can differentiate all those undecipherable dilemma situations. When you follow and discharge your dharma and duty unfalteringly ,even then you sense a guilty feeling of having disobeyed the so-called rules of "Your Dharma". But,forget not,ours is that culture which perceives ones good in the universal good ! In His song , Krishna clearly declares that the one who perceives the whole world as his very family shall never fall prey to any vulnerabilities of this human world in its darker side. Wordsworth recommends us to see ourselves as others do , Basava repeats this in his vachanas. Now, what remains unsolved is , how to live without hurting them while you follow your own dharma. Well, great men say ,there is nothing like ones own Dharma. Dharma ,only means to the universal alleviation. Karna ,Yudhishtira,Bhishma are yes,glorious figures for us , but,they could never and shall never beautify the seat of " Upholder of Dharma" yet. But, don't you consider Krishna as one fit into this mantle ? And do you think he ever followed "his own dharma" ? Nay, he never did. He created his own definition for what we call as Dharma,yes,a very bright definition for her and he faultlessly performed what he should. And what ,he,now is, is history ? Krishna attained godhood through the centuries of his triumphant glorification by his followers and now ,he is a God ! What do you decipher through this ? Dharma is that which ensures the merriment of everything, be it a blade of grass or the mighty creatures on earth. Everyone is a part of Him ! This is His testimony.

Not many of us like the way which Gandhi made his whilst his Jeevanakruti. It is my personal opinion to view each others as a tree,a tree that if bears the sweetest fruit also bears the rotten one. It is in our nature to err every now and then and at this juncture can we produce "great luminaries" from us with a very good intellectual commitment. If ,always,you learn from your mistakes , you indeed are in the path leading to Nirvana ! Yes,Nirvana. I decipher 'Nirvana' not as the eternal retirement from your jeevanachakra or the wheel of life but as the way which has happiness not at the end of the path but , along the road ! We make our life colourful not with all those riches we amassed all these years but with those small glimpses of Ananda which spur up now and then when we analyse our satkarmas and when we reflect upon how they complimented us for those sukritis. You may have defined your Ananda. But, nothing is equal to that Ananda which we experience through the visualisation of the Parama-Brahma ,and it is Chit-Ananda rupi ! You are a tiny part of that Brahman ! The shrutis still reveal this "Equality-law" :-
Purnamadah purnamidam purnat purmudachyate purnasya purnamadaya purnameva vashishyate !
So, being happy in the satvic way is what we can call as the hermit's life even if you were the one who begs for alms or the one who sleeps on heaps of gold ! So, get your happiness in the way which brings happiness to this world and you will,then , see your very enemy as your dear comrade .
                                                    ....Amith Reddy.