The Last Meet
Tears rolled down, as train started to move. I was strong enough to say “it’s ok”, let’s move on, but deep in my heart I was crying aloud. He neither heard nor bothered to worry about it.
The sound of train, the cold breeze, gossiping of people nothing affected my mind, though was I trying to deviate it.
The memories he laid back was still aching me, it was the most painful journey I have ever traveled it. I wondered how I fell in to such a bond with him, it was not physical connection we had its all mental connection. I don’t know what exactly we needed to love, I was true to my soul. We didt date ,we did not hangout ,its all we talked each other. Words meant a lot to me…it may be a words to him….,but it was my dream ,my wishes I shared.
I remembered the day, we got to know each other...but I don’t know when I fell far him…tears rolled down, the next person next to me asked “are you ok?”
I could not answer ,I smiled at him. I think he got my answer he did not asked anything. Neither I was interested in answering. I was no more interested in anything,my perception towards the world was true, nothing is true here, its all mask people wear and move. My world of imagination never exit.
Once for all I had a memories now, typical girl in me is already dead ……a women with class attitude need to be raised, one fake smile hided the millions of words….i was trying my best to be strong.
A  journey I started with a hope and trust, a trust is already I lost all I have hope not on this world but on myself. He was successful in making me to fall in for him .But he lost the trust which I had . The first meet with all love and bounds of memories ,words ,trust the  bounding of past two years...ended. He was my first .... it was our first meet , destiny had a different plan my first meet ended with last meet...!!