Life an unpredictable journey that we take, the mistakes, some moments are memorable and some just hard to forget. What makes life so beautiful is the material comforts or the people around us? The question is always unanswered comfort and people are always needed to be in society or to lead the life, but choices are what makes life so beautiful.

Some instances of life or people whom we meet are always so memorable, especially the first footsteps by holding father’s hand, the first day of school, the first rainy day that we drenched, the first fight with best friend the first movie outs lots of memories the list goes with never ending.

There are some memories that we try to forget but hard even life shows that, the bunch of experiences, where those experiences becomes the best teacher in our life.

Teacher is within us, it’s none other than our experiences. Every experience is the best guideline for the next step we keep. No matter what life takes always we move ahead. Life is Beautiful not by others its only because of us, being little selfish taking ones self pride its not wrong.

Following what heart says going beyond the passion which makes inner soul happy is what we should, that’s what it makes life beautiful.

There is always something or other regret in our life, but lets make life as much as possible to lead a life without regrets. Let’s lead life without regrets…and make beautiful.