We find the story of the frog in the well in the Upanishads who found his world but in a well. A round well which was home to some fishes,weeds,gritty-nitty creatures and a one small frog. This story is beyond the rule of evolution. The frog had born in the well,lived in it for a good number of years,he was in his pinnacle of glory that he had achieved the supremacy in the well subduing all the other tiny beings in the well he had thought but not after another frog had been thrown into the well by a Brahmin who had seen the frog outside the well fidgeting without water.

The frog in the well,he was for a moment aghast ,for he had seen a lookalike of himself with the same pair of limbs and the identical sound ! He thought for the first time , he must have been yet another kind of them for he had not even known about any species called frog or tadpole or whatever...

He asked ,"Where are you from" ?
"I am from the ocean" the other one replied.
"Hmm.. well, what is your ocean"?
"Ask not, dear friend ,my ocean is a home for countless creatures ! The finis ,the marius ,the tadpoles ,frogs , the benevolent dolphins,the mighty sharks , the gigantic whales have made it their world "

The frog in the well could understand but nothing ! He just was blurring more and more as the other frog was telling about his home , he then asked,"Ha, well, is your ocean bigger than my well?"
The other frog could reply not before a moment of astonished glance at the frog in the well ,"Lo, are not you jesting dear ? Your well is nothing more than a one-billionth of my ocean , it traverses the very continents, well nothing more is huge than my ocean ! It is the living place of many gigantic beings in the world!"

The frog in the well wondered,"Ocean ? Creatures ? World? What will possibly these be ?" for he had not made it beyond the well from the day he started breathing.
Then, he introspected,"This one who looks like me is an imposter , he is in , certainly a delusion, well a place bigger than my well can never be ,leave alone this thing he calls ,an ocean" " I am the mightiest of all beings and nothing more can be mightier than me"

This is the story of the frog in the well, manduka of the kupa. Aren't we like him ? Aren't we as complacent intellectually at times as him ? Are we really that ingenious ?
No,the possible answer will ever remain the same. No !
We do err , we go in the wrong path ,but our intelligence is not so broadened yet to perceive our wrongs. It is a hard but yes a bona-fide fact that there are things beyond our control, words unknown to us , people different from us. God has given everyone here the same power not only to enjoy but to endure too. Some get this right earlier whilst some take time.  He has created so much and you are such a small being which is but one among his umpteen creations. Our knowledge is not beyond everyone's. There is no one more ingenious than one another. What it takes to comprehend this is a little humbleness. A little humbleness,that if abided by , opens up the gates of unending premises of knowledge, undecipherable realms of wisdom . We will just have to abide by this fact that there are people more ingenious than us.

And the mission doesn't end here ,

you will have to mend your intellect to every new thing you perceive along your way , make every possible stuff familiar with you and respect every mind that desires to quench it's thirst for knowing more and embrace every heart with compassion that has not yet untapped it's potential and deems itself mediocre.

The  matter is not about being knowledgeable ! being wise is what counts rather than being knowledgeable.

A hand that works is more revered than a hand that preaches , open up to everything , make everything a place to explore , wake up everyday with a plan to know more and sleep every night with modesty of having left so much unlearned. Learn as if you were to appear for an attestment tomorrow and live as if your results are aired after this life.

The prime-point ,here is just to "know more"....

 ...Amith Reddy.