What do you think if I say truth can be plural ?

" Are you mad ?"
Will not this be the possible answer ? Well , yes , not many here deem truth to be plural. When I say truth is plural , I mean what is truth to you may be false to someone else and what is truth to them may be false to you. This is really just not a common issue , it may at times lead to humanitarian problems !
So, what the hell is the problem ?
We may see the matter in the way in which we feel convenient and reject every prospect that fails to satisfy our expectations. We don't think of being wrong in even the worst situations !

We will have to abide by this bitter truth that what is acceptable to us can also be disagreeable to the crowd. Well, one cannot be right always. What is 9 to you may look like 6 to me , for we stand at different places influenced by various aspects here. And either the one is not wrong.

What it takes to make ourselves adjustable to the mass is a worldview.
Though philosophy is a big word to many , it proves to be crucial at times. In that way , some of us are optimists, some others are pessimists and some one else likes to be the realist.
Life never stops you to teach things anew and you should never stop learning and the day you stop learning you cease to be a human. Truth tends to exist in many ways and not all of us try to know about those versions of truth. You can just see or hear various versions of truth through various perspectives. Take one thing from me , there is nothing like originality in truth. Truth will always be biased despite you having a neutral role in interpretting the truth. What I am trying to convey is just that truth can exist in many forms and we try to view it in the form which we feel is convenient to us. But, you can never make your face off the truth and reject the many facets of truth.

Just live by this fact that nothing is unblemished. At times , IMPERFECTION IS WHAT LEADS YOU TO PERFECTION AND YOU WILL MOVE ON UNFAMILIAR TO IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL ... And this goes on in various phases of life and by the moment you realize , your life will be in its final stage and what you could do then , is just repent ...

                                                           ... Amith Reddy