Well, this is a very big question. Very big. The more the people on earth ,the more will be the versions for this answer.
Life is what not ? Life is everything, a combination of what all you know. It is just not a journey from birth to death. It is an entrepreneurial work of decades , which may yield either ever lasting happiness or unending despair depending on how you see that. See, no one is happy here , everyone is having his own story of despair and disappointments. The whole part is ,how you deal with it , either abide by them and accept those miseries or consider your persistence and struggle for success and stand undefeated against all those toils . Life ,in its totality is a perilous journey and you have no choice but to face those perils.
Yes, there is a sideway , that is, you die, die out of human vulnerabilities, human miseries , accepted hardships ! And what was the deal ? Thats it ? To be a failure story ?

Accept yourself as a rail that runs on two parallel tracks of happiness and sadness. These disappointments,challenges , hardships are not meant to weaken you and your will , God had constrained you to them to make you strong , he wishes to strengthen your will by putting you on those screes and you will have to walk on them , no matter if your muscles are parched apart or if streams of blood flow , you will have to walk or remain there itself as an man who feared of these simple problems.
Nothing is impossible if you try it.There will never be an inspiration. That is just within you and you will have to know it ,

Unavailability of assets , manual or mental problems , familial liabilities,ill-fate , these are just reason lame , well you have a lot more than these : courage that can withstand a world of fear , power that can defeat all odds, endurance that can bear worlds , will that can shake beliefs ! And if you know these assets, God himself cannot stop you or your story.
There are two types of people in the world , the "cans" and the "cannots" , Chanakya, Ashoka and Draupadi come under the "cans" for their persistence while you and me come under the cannots if we think that is what we are. Never undermine your persistence. If you think ,it's the time to quit , just think why you started this . In the Hindu Pantheon , nothing more is as valued as SANKALPA or "Persistence and resolution"
There are many around you and me , who came by many more troubles and problems , but they never gave up , they brought the very sky down to earth to prove the world wrong. They did everything that we deem as the impossible. And now they stand among us as the epitome of glory ,
Not as humans but as visions and inspirations ...

Take life not as differentiation from pain and perils , they are pieces of a thing called life , The only permanence here is impermanence , what is yours today will be someone's tomorrow, nothing is certain ,be it your success or failure. You will have to walk this journey irrespective of you finding the destination or failing in it. We will have to walk on this path not to find the destination of happiness at the end , if you consider , happiness will be in every bit of you, it will be just along your road ,rather than being in the end.
By perceiving your persistence ,the very gods shall bow to you , the heavens will achieve contentment by building temples on your footsteps, the whole of the cosmic creation will be humbled by your strength ,you will be the beginning of an endless saga of success

There is a meaning to your life , there is a way in your steps,the unending realms of the sky is within your palm if you are confident of yourself.
I am very sure , with patience you will win...you will !

....   ✒ Amith Reddy.