The aggression in the border is not seeming to end, the Chinese have stepped up their anthe by conducting armoured excerscises in the Tibet Autonomous region.  In the previous section, we have been seen the various forces defending the borders of the India against the Chinese aggression.
               The northern mountains which are highest in the world have took toll of soldiers more than the wars in the region.  Constant avalanches and the earthquakes, also has the deadly glacier's within them, which if broke could cause a devastating floods in the lower lands of the India and completely eliminates the Bangladesh and the eastern plains of the India.
            So as the Big sister of the South Asia India has the sole responsibility to prevent the devastation in the subcontinent.  On the other hand China dont even thinks twice to attack Russia if it steps in to protect the India.  And unlike the 1971 where Russia defended the India  against the China and the USA, which backed the Pakistan. The Russian help resulted in the formation of the nation of Bangladesh.  And a decissive victory to the India, however India failed to forsee the future and didnot retake the Jammu and Kashmir territory in the Pakistan occupation, which today has provided a direct land access between the china and the pakistan and also causing India hundreds of soldiers every year, either in insurgency nor in the cease fire voilation or the natural calamities.
                leaving apart all these, which are irreversible and history as of now, the chinese mocking in a full scale in the Dokha la which directly sits on the siliguri hills and the passage way.  To counter the chinese today we shall check out various options that our military enjoy in case of a defensive.
              Chinese have totally a four tentacles that stretch towards the indian territory from the highway that links the Lhasa.  Among them, one stretches towards the Tawang, while two other stretch towards farther east east india. One connects the Chumbi valley and this is the road the chinese are eagerly trying to extend till the dokla which will enhance its capabilities to defend the chumb which is more strategically vulnerable, and also a weak point to the Indian side.
              Any damage to these roads can eventually alter the movement of the chinese towwards Indian territory,  apart from these roads there are heavy mountainous regions where chinese cannot afford to counter the Indian Infantry defending them as they are covered with dense forests, and has less scope for its armored superior division.  Inidan long range strike assets are meant to counter these roads, which stretch as the tentacles.
               Second the presence of the artillery  battalions in the siachen, yes these overlook the road connecting the Tibet and the Xinjiang provinces of china, the Korakoram pass also comes under the fire range of the Siachen glacier given their height and the strategic position.  This is why Indian army is maintaining the post with almost one thousand soldiers at any given time and a complete aerial supply dependent.   Even the deaths due to the Natural  calamities,  in such heights were not considered given the importance of the strategic position.
                 Given the mindset of the people of the Tibet they are not well with the hans those are flooding the tibet and also the genocide that PLA carried out after it conquered the tibet is still remembered in the Tibet.  While on the other hand, the Xinjiang province may errupt due to the Uhigur unrest.  Uhigurs have took up arms and are being aided from the neighbouring islami nations.             Hundreds of the Uhigurs and theTibetans are being killed in the public by the Chinese in recent years when they raised the Freedom anthe against the Chinese illegal occupation of their nations.  On the other hand though the Russia seems to support the China it has fears too,  If the India is defeated the only contender to China and the tested ally of the Russia, China has fought a war with the Russia, hence Russia has placed a huge content of its armoured brigades to check any chinese aggression.  In the meanwhile the rise of the Pakistan and china which both want the
Saudi Arabia in their hands may result in de oreintation of russian ties with the Iran and in the mean while the Syria too.  India and vietnam are the only nations who can counter balance the Chinese forces if China wants to take on the Russia, at this time nor the America nor the North Korea comes to the Russian help.
          India can go for the guerilla warfare, this is the deadly blow to the China, if it happens it is difficult for it to even prevent the Tibetan uprising and India may bang up the Balochistan movement with legal support and also targetting the chinese passage in the CPEC.  
           Vietnam may get dragged into the war, eventually to counter balance the chinese troops in the Indian border, the strategic command in the Andaman and nicobar islands are full independent command which posses all type of weapons in the Indian inventory, Which are more naval specific than the land specific.  It will be a complete naval blockade for the Chinese, with unsinkable islands.  where china will have to bypass the ASEAN nations.
            Since China has concentrated its forces in the Tibet, India has reserve forces bigger than the Pakistan total forces, which are capable of Checking their uprise, and has total control over the militants in the Pakistan territory.  
              The sophisticated weapons India has also an advantage over the chinese.
India has the Pinaka smerch and grad multiple rocket launchers, which provides guided attack against the chinese positions located within 100 kilometer given their ranges in the higher altitudes.  Any immediate orders for the production of the Prahar tactical battle field missile, would enhance the range to almost 150km.
        The Bramhose missile with its range enhanced to nearly 500Km can even take out the targets in the Lhasa which can be the command centre for war with India, The northeastern command has over Hundred such missiles with them, though they are termed as the 250km range missile.  The Pralay ballistic missile also has significance replacing the pruthvi missile system.  they are said to be capable of maneovrable.
Image result for brahmos cruise missile in action

        The airdefence systems include the latest addition of Akash and MR Sam which will counter the chinese sophisticated weapons.  The MRSAM is rumoured being specifically designed to take on the stealth fighters and the supersonic cruise missile. 

Image result for mr sam air defence system'  Image result for mr sam air defence system'

        The more dangerous is the presence of the Kali missile killer which can blew of entire wave of the missile fired agaisnt the India in a single shot up in the midflight.  The aerial version of ths could fry up the computer systems and electronics of the enemy target.  Which of one is said to be used in burrying a one hundred pakistan soldiers and also destroying their strategic point that overlooks the base camp of the Siachen.  The tight lid maintained over this, makes it a surprise guest to the chinese, it is also estimated that the microwaves generated would detonate the ammunition dumps, which if true can totally annihilate the chinese ammo dumps.  but the chinese s400 systems may pose the threat to these systems while airborne.            

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     India can maintain the steady supply of materials to the armed forces given the number of volunteers in the all time military supply arm in the RSS which is considered the force behind the NDA government.  that means sixty lakhs hardened volunteers may gear up for the job of maintaining supply chains, who also have  proven their loyalty to the nation in all Indo China confrontations.  While on the Chinese side it is limited to the communist party, and at any time prodemocracy protestors may shake the supply chains.