I don't know why I am sharing this with you ,
But felt sharing it on this pristine day of friendship when a billion hearts resound with trust and care for their loved ones. I too had made a friendship with someone ,give or take some 3 years down...
Will not relate to you the way we met , but the phase of time when we came closer to each other , those days when we started reflecting upon each other's absence was really intriguing time and again. We were a duo trying to talk with least expectations, we just loved each other's company over anything else.... Those days.

Then , all of a sudden , something came in , a person(?),a thing(?) or a feeling(?).
God alone knows. We simply cared each other , we would burn with spite if the other is with anyone but me or him. Such was the depth !

We never spoke of: but we had accepted the thing , something like a partner for life, we had dreamt of the world not with each other's absence. We had promised to ourselves on the power of our bond. Not before we had stepped into another level of life :post-schooling , something had seeped through us , some negativity, pride(?) , Ego(?) , Jealousy (?) ... pray , I knew.
We had met a newer set of friends , yes, a vivid one. Our duo had started weakening in the new environment at the availability of other friends. We had started ignoring each other. Time flowed like waters and we did not know fortune awaited something else in store ! We were in a deception that nothing would go wrong.. but it was too late.

That bond which just asked love , had now started demanding reason , actuality and defence !


Never ignore a friend who loves you , cares you , saves you for one day , you would wake up and realise that you had lost the moon while counting the stars and if you need him back , he is no more.

He is lost forever and he still thinks of you but you will never get him back....

You had lost real love which is the most precious thing on earth.