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Indo china stand off in the Sikkim sector over the Chinese aggression into the Bhutanese territory of the dokla, in order to dominate the India's strategic Siliguri pass with the long range artillery and the rockets.  India's changed rules over tackling the aggression after the change of guard in the New Delhi,  The  largest force deployment  against the chinese aggression after the 1962 the heroic defeat India faced, by the caurage of the Indian soldiers to mention first and the strategic blackout  of the leader ship both in the high level military and the political.

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            To mention, the 1967, Nathula where the chinese had tasted the bitterness of the Indian army once again, and the military leaderships capabilities which drew out from the 1962 and the 1965 battles combined together, where valour was at most its peak in the Indian army, No superiority in technology, strategy,  bilateral ties, could not win against the protectorates of the Mother India, a courage enjoyed by the ages backing back to the alexander more than the 5500 years ago.
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            2017 is not 1962, and also not 1967,  the worlds most deadly army,  the worlds most desciplined army,  the worlds most volunteered army, the worlds most courageous army,  an army that dominates the highest battle ground,  the only army that has the capability to be deployed in any terrain,  the Indian army, is also not the one who was in 1970's.

            Indian military planners after the fall of the no military propaganist Nehru,  were in no mood to give up the battles and the sovereignity of the mother land.  They gathered every single peice of thing in their barracks and built up the fortifications in an well defencified mode.  that could form a foundation to the India's future security solutions.
            Firstly after the 1962 war, soldiers were given all terrain training,  regardless of the region they came from and the regiment they belonged too.  this gave the soldiers the vast experience,  the battle of rezang la fought by the mighty Kumoan regiment, a battle today a mandatory in all militaries of the world, had fueled the courage in the Indian soldiers,  the numbers were increased to counter a two front war, in any condition.
             after this  two separate forces were raised to keep the northern beast from reappearing any time,  those were the Special Frontier Force and the Indo Tibetian Border Police,  today considered the Indian army's elite forces  in high altitude combat forces and the forces those are specifically built up for checking and halting the large and superior forces of the Chinese.  
            One being the offensive and the special operation forces, another being the defensive force well trained in gueriall warfare.
             Special frontier forces directly under the control of the Indian prime minister through the RAW agency, consists officially around 10,000 troops for infiltration and special operations capabilities,  but this number may be three to four times the official, as India has maintained a tight lip over this force especially,  It is a Tibet specific force,  consisting of mainly the Tibetians in exile, this force has dedicated airlift capacities and is out of the Indian main military,  it also consists of the eilite soldiers  drawn out from the  all the three services of the Indian armed forces, including the Police forces.

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            Indo Tibet border Police, an  army which is under named to keep it out of conspiracy's though the adversory china is well known about the capabilities of the ITBP it is called as,  is a guerilla force specifically trained to survive the wars in the Himalayans,  at greater heights, these are kept as an poice force under the governments direct control, but its capabilities are far fetched like Indian army, they are the front line defenders and  a nightmare, to the enemies,  well trained about the terrain, and equipped with the deadliest weapons, and the hidden caches of the ammunition in the hidden bunkers with in the LAC, which is only known to the soldiers deployed, which means,  supply chains are not considered for these forces, to say specifically they are a match to the american green berrets and the UK's special service, but in large numbers.  The ITBP is termed as the best mountain warfare and jungle warfare unit in the world, toping the list in this category.
            The Ghorka regiment, that is guarding the strategically important Siliguri Passage of the Indian main land umbical chord to the North east, forms the best of the forces in the Military warfare, they can scale the mountains faster than any other, they can fight the enemies well than anyone in the thin air, posting of these forces and the regiment here is the utmost important point of the Indian army.
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           The eastern strike corps who form the core of the eastern military command with their striking capabilities and the sabotage capabilities, provided with Bramhose and the Akash missiles systems with them along with the Pinaka regiments, they are at an advantage to sabotage the enemy supply lines and to mount the offensive into the tibet and the Chinese hinterland.  This force has the capability to march and seize the Lhasa the capital of the  China Occupied Tibet.
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          On the other front, the Norther strike corps being newly raised to look after the aksai chin, also comprises of thirty thousand soldiers and the full fledged independent armoured divisions, to lead the offensive into the china, making a three front attack through, sikkim's Chumbi valley, where the narrow land of the chinese will be crushed by the three front Indian forces, The Eastern strike corps sabotage, that knocks off the supply chain,  which for china not essential for ten days, because of its vast reserves in the tibet it has gathered.
        And the opening of the Aksai chin, while a fourth commando attacks are more eminent in taking down, chinese fomations.  though china could threat through the Navy, where India is still vulnerable, In the mountains, it is like defend and attack, first eliminate the enemies spear heads, gather your strength, and then showcase your power.
Image result for indo china disputes          The modernisation plans of the Indian army is what prompting the chinese to knock off the India as soon as possible, powering these existing forces with more sophisticated weapons that India is going to acquire in near future, means, the difficult for the chinese to thwart India, and also to stop it from mounting an offence  to retake its parts in foreign occupation, which now Indian armed forces are eyeing,  Growth of the Indian economy and the slowly evolving India's industrial capabilities to produce war grade weapons and platforms are also a concern to china, which is in the surge of losing manufacturing hub, which eventually result in decline in chinese imports by India.