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          World has succumed to the state of war and nationalities from the mindset of the globalisation.  Wars raging from the northern Eastern europe to the centre of Asia, rattled Middle east, terror struck Philiphines, war mongering China, Soverign India defending its friends and itsef, unstable Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ever erupting African nations, Furious Russia, Super America,  Totally destabilised Venuzeala, self defending Israel, Terrorist elements, assasins, Crusaders, Breaking away European Union,  Unreliable NATO with mutating Turkey, War lords, Faction Groups, the world is fast stocking up its weapon stockpile, growing nulcear states, alliances, ISIS, online terrorism, radical islam, the list goes on, lets analyise every single situation that is threating the worlds peace and the situation that would drag the world to the the third great war, before it could complete one hundred years of peace after the second great war that witnessed the use of two nuclear warheads ever used in the battle.

          Starting with the great nations of the Asian continent, the India and the China, India on the first hand has never gone on aggression in its record of past ten thousand years, but has witnessed more than a dozen invansions in the last ten centuries, however the Indian civilization so its called the Hindus, been considered the most tolerant people in the world and the only living civilizational religion called dharma.  which makes manadatory to its civilization, protecting of peace and prosperity of the world is the first duty.   India also considered the oldest civilzation of the world, yet evolving and to say at times one of te most advanced, in  the spiritual world.
          On the other hand the China which always been in the aggressive mood, and had also faced the invasions in the meantime, had fialed to contain the India,  however it could not digest the authority of India over it for the last twenty centuries through the spirituality, without sending a single sword nor a single warrior.  China now is far more than its priniciples, relying on its old war principles, thought to be drawn from the Chanakya Neeti, a ruling principle that is older than 5ooo year old,  has nothing of its own, is ofcourse can adopt to the world though not fully but similar to kind of it. Like self cloning like others, thats what it did with India, Now promoting itself as the leader of the Buddhist religion, which is still considered a part of Indian Sanatana Dharma, or the Hindu religion.
         Coming to the present day of both, China has not let its, war mongering and expansionist thesis, It is badly wants to become the worlds super power and wants to dominate the world, it wants vengence and the authority,  it is not considering the aftermath and theresults of such acts.  It has conflicts with all of its neighbours espect the Russia and the North Korea, at present.  It has also become the user of the tactical non state actors to bring down its enemies, like the one it is using agaisnt the India.  The vast economic growth and the foreign reserves along with the defence technical expertise and the large standing armies are considered its boon,  it also has one of the largest defence infrastructure in place to counter the invader or to surprise the defender.
         India being the yougest populous in the world, has its minds all over the world with vast technical expertise and the strongest cultural bonds to the nation.  however it also wants to become the super power, but in a opposite way, with the cooperation of the neighbours, it wants the friendly neighbours, it wants its techinical expertise and the spiritual bonds to tie down the foes, ulike the chinese military strategy, however the India has the worlds second largest standing army, and the fourth largest military power in the world,  though the nuclear war heads in india is considered as mere hundred and odd nuclear warheads, Indian foes fear that India has thousands of nuclear warheads in disassembled state, which can be assembled within hours, which would become the third largest nuclear warhead holder in the world after the India and the Chinese.
             While China has beaten the Indian armed forces in first war, has faced bloody nose from the indians in the later two confrontations, it has experience in fighting the Russian and the American forces, thorugh the Korean and Vietnamese war.  While China has surrounded the India with the military bases in the neighbouring nations.  
             India on the other hand, has a good track record of its operational experience, witht  the five seven wars it has fought with the two neighbours.  chinese and the Pakistanese.  The Indian soldiers are considered for their valour and courage, even they are considered to be the main role players of the first two great wars, in the 20th century.  While chinese on the other hand have doubt in their own government which is rutheless, and kindless.  Indians are bonded by the emotions of the nation and the mother India they consider, they consider it is a honor and the supreme sacrifice to serve their mother India, while the chinese are party minded, they fight for the communist party the people liberation party is a armed wing of the communist party, while there is a little thought about protecting nation.  to say there isnt any idea of nation atall in the chinese PLA. It just fights for the party.
                we will look deep into the  geographical features of these two nations, and the cultures, in the next article.  i would like you to paste your opinions in the comment sections, as it will help us in improving our articles resources.