A call of almighty, yes it is a call of almighty,  the devine presence around us which acts when it wants, the experience i got with it, i would like to share it with you my friends.
its been fifteen years,since i visited the "TIRUPATHI" the place where the lord venkateshwara has stood.  many times i wanted to visit the holy place was in vain. i could not make it in any way.
then usually the thoughts of going to the sacred place gathered again,  this time it seemed the lord itself wants to show his residence to me, when i approached my parents, my dad said he would try it, three months passed on all my requests put on wait, i  an admirer of god and a spirutualist, requested god, that now he is the only one who could help me.  the next day evening my dad said he would like to go to the sacred place and whether i am free to acomapany him.  i said that i free on wednesday, so dad took me to the sacred place.  the vibrant power  of the lord, his gradiance, was enormous.  
though it was been fifteen years one and half a decade, the journey and his darshanam was amazing.  the twenty four hour journey with many hurdles a common man faces, also thought a number of lessons.
     i will tell you the journey to the seven hills in next blogs.