Many of the indians think that nepal and india are the only two hindu nations that exists in this world.

But there are  many other hindu nations that share the rich culture of the mother nation as inida.  The best example is the ANKOR WAT temple in the combodia which depicts the holy script of RAMAYANA written by the holy tribe sage the VALMIKI MAHARSHI.   Though i had touch of these script i even did not know that there are many other nations whcih share our culture.  
In the line of the hindu countries belonging to the asian hindu empires the first country that comes after the inida and nepal is the INDONESIA  .  though threre is no sizeable population of Hindus here the muslims believe themselves as a HIndu by birth and a muslim by religion.  the word even the muslims of inida wont accept.  
then comes the world super power the USA , recently i came across a article that sites that the gods worshipped by the native americans is the first god to receive any wishes the lord GANESH.  This god is sacredly worshipped by many native americans as they dont allow the other people to walk into their kichens. As the idol is present next to the kichen.  they dont want to disgrace their belief by walking with shoes in front of their god.

Then as the few of indians know the island nation and the nation of sunrise  holds the worlds oldest lord ganesha temple.  It is said that the ancestors of the japan came from the one of the tribes of the indian north east region.  Many of the japanese cultures clearly represents the hinduism.
There were reports of findings of the ancient glorious hindu dynasties remainings in the muslim nation turkey.
The african tribes worshipping of the idol clearly dipicts the hindus worsipping of the god. since similar practices are held in the inidan tribes. 
     Apart from these the island nations as sycheles and mauritus are hindu majority nations and thats why they lean towards india in all matters.
     apart from these there are many small tribes those were left from the great colonial era unaffected in many parts of the world. Including the communist gaint russia and the migrant nation canada.  
in my next blog i will come up with more stories about the influence of the ancient indial.