We are getting to see many news channels these days , more common are the English ones. Have you ever given a thought to what these people are doing ?

Well , before we could catch up , let's have a glance on these recent updates :-
Army misbehaviour , Fraudulence , misogyny , Sonu nigam's words , Nawaz uddin Siddiqui , national anthem , beef-ban , British election , varadkar to become irish president .... And the list ends somewhere
Now, come towards the other end ..... Politics ! Lmao , these will never go down in giving us awesome entertainment.
Centre , it's we , the people of a nation , one that preaches of internal harmony , democracy, speech-freedom.

Channels funded by various wings distort the truth , misrepresent the facts , and some are wholesomely misprincipled showmen masquerading as journalists -someone says ! Then , whom to believe whom to ignore ?
We heard some of our dear intellectual liberals who wear touring in their own world when a cow was lynched on road in Kerala ,speak of freedom,secularism,harmony , universal peace when those terrorists overwalked  the northwestern frontiers of India. They had nothing to say when someone basically Indian was shown the real heights of torture in Pakistan ....
This is the scenario now , when Switzerland disallows the consumption of dog-meat as it is pet to many there , this is totally reasonable , logical and if beef-ban furthers , it is the epitome of cruelty , utter misuse of the constitution ,total anarchy and it goes to the blue hell ,I suspect ?
And when someone who pelted stones on those who policed Kashmir from separatists was made a shield going immune to pelting , it attracts all the sins of the world ? It remembers them the tenets of Dharma ,lmao .....

Chanakya had formed anticipating(?) his tenets in his book of niti that bears his name , that the state wherein the poll of misrepresentatives is shackled to institutionalized fear and respect , there progress definitely shall flow like the very river of Ganga to the ocean of development. And that is followed now ?

On the basis of some so called great sole , our country is deprived of the right of being a member of the security council but be in the front rows of the nations that breed corruption and rape , is this what we feel proud for ?

Before ending , see ! Politics and the army are equally giving their best possible effort to what has to be done , and it is so unbecoming of us to badmouth them ! These are the only hopes on which a hundred billion hearts sleep every night far from the fears of life-snatch and likes.

Being Indian just not about watching news debates and framing views every night at 9:00 , it's more about coming out of this cynical view and making a worldview , that , so big which shall transcend all these academician fights and perceive every heart with compassion and love , and forgive every hand that has to be taught with punishments rather than killed.

Final word : punishment is with an intent to make the culprit know his wrongs and opportune him to realise his misdeeds and help him in becoming a better citizen of this great country, India.
If punishment rather grabs away the very promise of eternal beshielding that was made at the witness of millions of men struggle-struck for years , it makes no sense to be human beings after driving away the white man's pride out of this glorious land of gold, forever and ever.

Compassion is the only thing which is acceptable even in a plethora.